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You're so tired of your dark and dated cabinets, but ripping them out and getting new is not gonna happen because, costs thousands!!

What if I told you that painting your existing cabinetry could be equally transformative?

And what if I told you that you could paint them yourself for EVEN MORE savings?!

Tackling the project on your own might scare the heck out of you because you're too afraid to mess it up and ruin your house (not to mention, the idea of it royally freaks your spouse out!)

But how amazing would it be if a professional cabinet painter could virtually hold your hand through every step of the process, show you all the correct products to use and share all of the industry tips & secrets?!

Think about it...

You could paint your cabinets yourself, save a ton of money AND not risk having a bad DIY-looking job because a pro would be showing you exactly what to do!

This is exactly why I created DIY Cabinet Painting 101

"But Kayla, there's tons of info on cabinet painting out there, how is your course different?"

Well, I'm so glad you asked because this is a great question!

If you're anything like me, you've scoured blogs, Facebook and Pinterest to find many dozens of articles, posts and pins each proclaiming that they have the easiest, quickest, no sanding, no priming, best way  to paint your cabinets yourself, right?

Going through all of those posts could easily give anyone the impression that it's so easy to slap up a coat of paint on those babies and call it a day!

The number of articles out there proclaiming NO PREP PAINTING is astounding, and they make all professional painters cringe!

Like most things in life... 

if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

So here's how my course is different...

  • I can teach you how to paint your cabinets LIKE A PRO the right way, even if you've never painted anything before! It's not only what you use that matters, HOW you apply the paint is important too.  I'll show you proper brushing/rolling/spraying techniques.

  • I've made all the mistakes in the past so you don't have to now! It's taken years of trial, error and research, but I now know the best way to do get the greatest results possible. 

  • I've been where you are before. Just wishing someone would hold my hand and show me exactly what to do so there was ZERO GUESSWORK involved!! 

  • I'm a professional painter not a DIY blogger. I've painted well over 100 sets of kitchen cabinets thus far in my career. My clients pay me between $2,000 and $4,000 to paint for them.  I'll show you exactly what I do, but you get to keep the cash in your wallet.

The DIY Cabinet Painting 101 course will help you do it right the first time!

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I have the utmost faith that you're capable of achieving the results you're looking for, but maybe it's better if you heard it from someone whose actually put my methods to use in their own home...

“It's hard to find anyone who takes the time to teach others how to do what they do. I have been painting furniture for over 6 yrs & have learned through trial and error as I’m sure many of us have. I have learned better and easier ways to paint cabinets & furniture. She is amazing at what she does, she is so fun to watch & is so helpful to any of us who have questions, even if she has been asked that same question 100 times, she still takes the time to provide you with the answers you need.”

Natalie from Vintage Bloom

"Oh my goodness, Kayla KNOWS HER STUFF when it comes to painting furniture and cabinetry. Coming from a girl who has zero painting experience (hi, that's me!), even I have learned from her personable teaching style, easy-to-follow videos & tutorials, and immense knowledge about her craft. I can be easily intimidated by the processes of painting and even the gear needed for the projects, but Kayla makes it fun and seem doable--which is a big deal to a total painting newbie like me!"

Lindsey J.

 "After completing this course, I am 100% confident that I can tackle my own project!"

Kate G.

"I am a professional cabinet painter myself and am always looking to pick up new methods and techniques. I wish I had these videos years ago when I painted my first cabinets. This is perfect for any painting newbies as well as experienced painters... both can take a lot from the videos. She has great tips and does a wonderful job of explaining everything. Will definitely use her advice in the video! Very professional, easy to understand videos.. well worth the price!"

Megan R.

Check this out!

After taking DIY Cabinet Painting 101 earlier this year, Kelley completely transformed her kitchen from dated orange colored wood to this bright and fresh new space!

And here's the bathroom vanity update Erin did after taking the course!

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What You'll Instantly Receive

Course Videos:

Everything is pre-recorded so you can work at your own pace!

  •  Prepping: Exactly how to prep your wood cabinets for paint.

  •  Priming: Learn how, why and what to use during this supremely important phase!

  •  Painting: How to apply the paint like a pro so no one would ever guess you didn't hire one!  I'll show you how to spray AND brush/roll so no one and no skill level is left out.

  •  ReInstallation: Putting everything back together!

Exclusive Facebook Community:

You'll have full access to our exclusive Facebook community where you can share your progress and ask any questions you might run into!

If you need to phone-a-friend during the process, I'll be in that group to help!

Bonus Video:

One of our most requested finishes is pinstripe glazing, also known as inking. I'll show you my secret for getting precise detailed glazed lines if that's the look you desire in this BONUS video!Pinstripe Glazed Kitchen Cabinets

You can totally do this!  I'll see you inside the course:)

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Kayla Payne
Kayla Payne
Owner of Painted by Kayla Payne

About the instructor

Hey there!  I'm Kayla, creative entrepreneur, painter, educator and owner of Painted by Kayla Payne. I have been professionally painting cabinets and furniture for over 5 years.

Before becoming a full-time painter, I enjoyed a successful career as a cosmetologist.  Now, instead of creating hair/makeup before and after photos, I'm painting cabinets and furniture for dramatic before and afters!  I guess you could say I've always had a love for creating beautiful things.

I'm passionate about cultivating a budget-friendly, beautiful home where we can fully enjoy our space and who we share it with.  Home should evoke feelings of comfort, safety and inspire and rejuvenate us!  However, for most of us, those things are easier said than done.  Because the way  we feel in and about our home transcends more than what just meets the eye, I'm dedicated to helping you achieve your best home, now!